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  • Alesis NanoVerb 2 - Digital Effects Processor online price in India
  • Alesis NanoVerb 2 - Digital Effects Processor online price in India

Alesis NanoVerb 2 - Digital Effects Processor

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The NanoVerb Is Back

The Alesis NanoVerb 2 isn't just about reverb. With 16 different effects programs, each with 16 variations of that program, you'll find a total of 256 effects algorithms to work with! These are brand new stereo effects that take advantage of the NanoVerb 2's 52-bit signal processing for a new standard in sonic quality.

The NanoVerb 2 makes access to all those effects programs, with just two knobs to select effect type and algorithm. Input and Output controls give you control of your signal pre- and post-effects, while the Mix control lets you dial in the perfect amount of effect. Simple operation makes the NanoVerb 2 equally suited for studio or live effects processing - and once you hear these effects, you'll want to use it everywhere!

Lush reverbs, ambient delays, swirly rotary speakers... all these effects and more can be found in the NanoVerb 2. With its simple design yet powerful effects processing, the NanoVerb 2 must be heard to be appreciated. Alesis has created another legendary multi-effects processor with the NanoVerb 2!

Alesis NanoVerb 2 - Digital Effects Processor Features at a Glance:
  • 256 effects cover reverb, delay, and modulation
  • Small, durable design makes it an ideal effects processor for your live rig
  • 52-bit DSP for a new level of audio clarity and depth
  • Front-panel indicator lights let you know at a glance if your signal is clipping
  • Footswitch input for hands-free bypass!

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