• Access Virus TI2 Keyboard
  • Access Virus TI2 Keyboard
  • Access Virus TI2 Keyboard

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard

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The presets on the Virus TI2 Keyboard sound great. The unit is pretty straight forward with a minimum of "German" quirks.

It has polyphony ranging from 80 to more than a hundred voices.

There is also a 32 band vocoder.
The unit can also route external signals through the filters, envelopes ringmod etc- very cool. Other cool features include: Filter saturation,programmable soft knobs,pseudo surround sound, Remote mode (too use as a controller),panic- for resets,much more.

This keyboard is very expressive with two VERY smooth wheels, velocity and pressure sensitivity.
The TI can be used for anything that needs a synthetic element or sound FX.
Pads are rich and full too.

The Virus TI is a high-res instrument with dual processors- hands down best of its type. Yet it is still some what of a boutique-specialty piece and should be treated as such.

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard Specifications

  • 6 Symmetrical outs with +4dB studio level
  • Optional Soft Limiting for every output
  • 192 Khz/24bit D/A converters
  • 2 Inputs with 24-bit A/D converters
  • 4 different input sensitivities
  • USB for audio, midi and data connection
  • USB2 compatible device, 12Mbit data transfer rate
  • S/PDIF In/Out for Digital I/O.
  • Dedicated headphone out.
  • Pure Tuning

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