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  • Arturia MicroFreak - Hybrid Analog/Digital Synthesizer
  • Arturia MicroFreak - Analog/Digital Synthesizer

Arturia MicroFreak - Hybrid Analog/Digital Synthesizer

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A synthesizer like no other, MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician. It blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It features a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard. It adds controlled randomness to sequences. This isn’t a revolution, it’s a mutiny.
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The Arturia MicroFreak is a cutting-edge experimental hybrid analog/digital synthesizer featuring digital oscillators, an analog filter, and a touch-plate keyboard, well suited for musicians, sound designers, producers, and DJs at any experience level.

The MicroFreak features 11 digital oscillators with variable modes and includes the open source Plaits engine created by Mutable Instruments. With a remarkable amount of options and paraphonic performance capabilities, the MicroFreak ensures otherworldly sounds, modes, and parameter controls.

The built-in 25-note touchplate keyboard is pressure sensitive and offers polyphonic aftertouch for inspired performances. The state-variable analog filter is inspired by the 12 dB Oberheim SEM filter, allowing you to dial in screaming leads and whispering pads. Plus, with the integrated 5 x 7 matrix, you can route the filter cutoff to be controlled by the touch-plate keyboard pressure, or sequence events with the onboard sequencer. The sequencer allows you to record up to four automations, edit notes per step, or use the innovative Spice and Dice sequencer functions to generate happy accidents. Add randomization to create original patterns that evolve and push things even further with the modulation matrix.

The MicroFreak's rear panel features a single 1/4" main output and offers control voltage outputs on 3.5mm jacks with options for CV, Gate, and Pressure, as well as 3.5mm clock in and out jacks. MIDI I/O is available via 3.5mm jacks, and a set of two 3.5mm to 5-pin DIN adapters is included. Additionally, the Arturia MicroFreak features MIDI over USB Type-B which also provides a digital connection to your computer for DAW sequencing.

  • Synthesizer with 192 preset slots and 128 factory presets
  • Eleven digital oscillators with variable modes and integrated open source Plaits engine created by Mutable Instruments
  • Analog State Variable Filter, 12 dB/octave, resonant, Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass
  • ADSR envelope
  • Cycling Envelope offering two modes
    • Envelope
    • LFO
  • LFO with Sync: Sine, Tri, Saw, Square, Random, Slew Random
  • Modulation matrix with five sources and seven destinations (three custom destinations)
  • Monophonic or Paraphonic modes - Up to four voices
  • 25-key capacitive keybed with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Capacitive touch strip
  • Crisp OLED display for editing and parameter values
  • Powerful arpeggiator
    • Up, Order, Random, Pattern modes
    • Spice & Dice Gate randomizers
  • 64-step sequencer
    • Two patterns per preset
    • Four automation tracks per preset
  • CV / Gate / Mod outputs
  • USB, Clock and MIDI in and out
  • 1/4" master and 3.5mm headphone output

Digital Oscillators

  • Superwave:
    • Precisely detuned saw, square, sine, or triangle wave
    • Create the fat synth sounds
    • Great for Trance and lush dreamy pads
  • Harmo:
    • Modulate the volume of 32 sine waves to create sounds
    • Creates harmonically rich, vibrant sounds
    • Shape with the filter
  • Karplus Str:
    • Creates the sound of string instruments using physical modelling
    • Soft pizzicato to screeching, zingy chords
  • Wavetable:
    • Scan through waveform snapshots
    • Find new, unusual, and evolving sounds
    • Contains 16 wavetables
    • Additional waveforms in future updates

Mutable Instruments Plaits

  • Pl.VA:
    • Virtual analog
    • Recreates traditional synth methods digitally
    • Create classic and cutting-edge tones
  • Pl.Waveshpr:
    • Triangular wave
    • Processed by waveshaping and wavefolding
    • Creates squelchy, aggressive, and often metallic tones
  • Pl.FM:
    • Powerful twin-operator FM oscillator
    • Two sine waves modulated each other’s phase
    • Creates sharp, acidic tones
  • Pl.Grain:
    • Percussive granular synthesis engine
    • Adds huge texture and body to sequenced rhythms
  • Pl.Chords:
    • Paraphonic synth engine
    • Triggers duplicates at set intervals
    • Creates defined, static chords with one key
  • Pl.Speech:
    • Creates vowel, formant, and simple word sounds
    • Automate with the mod matrix for inspiration
  • Pl.Modal
    • Creates the unusual inharmonic vibrations and resonance of a hollow structure
    • Great for adding texture or bizarre overtones

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