• Dynaudio Acoustics Core 47 3-Way Midfield Speaker Monitor - Right
  • Dynaudio Acoustics Core 47 3-Way Midfield Speaker Monitor
  • Dynaudio Acoustics Core 47 3-Way Midfield Speaker Monitor

Dynaudio Acoustics Core 47 3-Way Midfield Speaker Monitor - Right

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Studio professionals need to trust the monitors they use every day. They need to know recordings will sound the same at 10pm as it did at 10am. And they need to know that they don’t need to worry about listener fatigue. Most of all, they need to be secure in the knowledge that they’re hearing everything that was recorded – warts and all – so they can make the best mixing decisions.
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Ensure your studio monitoring is accurate, revealing, and up to the task of mixing day in and day out with the Dynaudio Core 47. This is a three-way, tri-amped monitor, offered here in a left orientation. The Core 47 is a midfield monitor, the midsized variant in their flagship mixing monitors.

Utilizing efficient Class-D Pascal amplification, the monitor offers the user 500W for the lows, 500W for the midrange, and 150W for the high range. These individual amplifiers power dedicated low, midrange, and high-frequency drivers to ensure an accurate, fast transient response—even at high SPLs. The monitor also makes use of sophisticated DSP to ensure a flat response down to 44 Hz at -3 dB, and 37 Hz at -6 dB. Highs extend all the way up to 31 kHz at -6 dB to ensure a detailed high end.

With crossovers set at 475 Hz and 5.25 kHz, Core 47 provides a critical window into the ever-important vocal register, ensuring mix decisions on vocal EQ and dialogue dynamics can be made with confidence. The three-way design also does wonders for the bass; since midrange duties are handled by their own cone, low-end information can be judged and mixed with much more clarity.

The Core 47 has analog and AES (digital) XLR connections on the rear, as well as a digital XLR output for connecting a digital monitoring rig, and a BNC wordclock input to sync any digital signal to your clock of choice.

Powerful DSP to Fit Any Room

The Core 47 has the power to optimize itself for differing acoustic environments. You'll note three onboard settings: Anechoic, for when the monitors are placed on stands in rooms that have sufficient dampening treatment (such as recording studios and dubbing stages); Desk, for when they're on a workstation or meter bridge; and Soffit, for when they're mounted in properly designed wall soffits as part of an overall architectural acoustic design. And that's not all—you can also set boundary filters that compensate for walls or corners where low-frequency room modes can be triggered.

Shape the Tone if Desired

Users can also alter the overall sound of the monitor. Core 47 uses a full-spectrum band-pass filter that tilts depending on the desired tonal response. In the Dark setting, the entire frequency response is tilted, so 20 kHz is attenuated by 1.5 dB, while 20 Hz is boosted by 1.5 dB. In the bright setting, the tilt is reversed. This gentle filter, unlike traditional shelving EQs, maintains the proper phase response between the drivers while providing the tone that meets your taste.

Analog Sensitivity and AES Connectivity

The noise-floor and signal resolution of any monitoring system is critical to its performance. Whether you're using the analog or digital inputs, you need to be able to control the gain staging between the monitor controller and the speaker system. Dynaudio has provided a range of 0 dBu to +24 dBu to match the input sensitivity to the output level. Once optimized, Core 47 processes all analog signals at a 192 kHz sampling rate for mathematical precision in the advanced DSP processor.

When using the AES input, Core 47's DSP operates at the incoming sample rate and either locks to the AES clock or incoming word clock to maintain the most accurate signal possible. That means if you work in 48 kHz, you can send the signal straight to your speakers in 48 kHz. It's as simple as that. There is no needless sample-rate conversion.

For All Sorts of Studios

Core 47 is designed for maximum flexibility and performance, where a relatively compact size and superb midrange detail are desirable. This includes music recording studios, TV dub stages, edit suites, broadcast trucks, ADR facilities, and game authoring suites. It also makes an excellent surround monitor in broadcast and theatrical dub stages including multichannel immersive-audio rooms and custom installations.


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