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  • Dynaudio Acoustics CORE Sub 9
  • Dynaudio Acoustics CORE Sub 9
  • Dynaudio Acoustics CORE Sub 9

Dynaudio Acoustics CORE Sub 9" Subwoofer for CORE Monitoring System

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Core Sub is the ideal low-frequency extension for all speakers in the Core studio monitor range.
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The CORE Sub from Dynaudio is a professional subwoofer for mixing applications, one meant to be use with the company's CORE series of monitors. This subwoofer digs down to 15 Hz with a low-frequency roll-off of -6 dB at 13.5 Hz. It does this while rattling the bones at 120 dB if need be.

All of this is made possible by high-quality construction that includes two 500W Pascal Class-D woofer amplifiers and four individual 9" woofers. With AES as well as analog connections, the unit affords you the ability to run 3 subwoofers in tandem with any CORE system. You'll even note the indents on top of the sub, designed for your CORE speakers to sit on top of. If you need deep lows and fast transient accuracy out of your CORE monitoring system, this is the subwoofer to use.

Hand-Crafted Design
Designed, developed, tested and made in Denmark.Alll the drivers are hand-made at Dynaudio HQ, and each speaker is individually calibrated before it leaves the factory.
High-Quality Materials

Core Sub uses new Dynaudio MSP+ Hybrid Drive units, made with MSP and aluminium, designed specifically for subwoofers. Dual-action damping ensures tight, controlled bass.
Advanced DSP

The sub uses the same DSP engine you'll find in the rest of the Core range, so you can customize its response to its position in the room for seamless consistency and integration.

Use as many Subs as you need with your Core speakers. Stack them in neat arrays or even mount them on walls. Core Sub aligns physically and electronically with your studio.

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