• Ernie Ball 4228 Guitar Slide Plexi medium in India
  • Ernie Ball 4228 Guitar Slide Plexi medium in India

Ernie Ball 4228 Guitar Slide Plexi Medium

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Looking to try a different playing technique? Look no further than guitar slides. Anyone can learn how to play slide guitar and it can really diversify the songs you are able to play. Slides can be used on any guitar, however there are some guitars that are specifically crafted to be played in this way, such as most electric guitars, steel guitars, resonator guitars, etc. The original guitar slides were made from the necks of glass bottles. Today, guitar slides are made from many different materials. Ernie Ball manufactures slides available in glass, chrome plated brass, and steel.

When choosing a guitar slide, you will have to consider material, diameter, and length to see what will be the most comfortable fit and what sound you like the best. Most players wear the guitar slide on either their middle finger, ring finger, or pinky. There are different advantages and disadvantages to all three including how much you are able to mute other strings, how much of the fretboard you are able to cover, what kind of tone you can achieve, etc. Ernie Ball guitar slides come in various sizes to fit whichever finger you prefer.

 Ernie Ball 4228 Guitar Slide Plexi medium :

Ernie Ball's glass slides are made from borosilicate glass for a durable, smooth gliding surface providing a clear, smooth tonal voice. Available in three sizes for your preference and playing style.
58mm long, 28mm outside diameter, 4mm thick

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