• Kali Audio LP-UNF Online price in India
  • Kali Audio LP-UNF Online price in India
  • Kali Audio LP-UNF Online price in India
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Kali Audio LP-UNF

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Kali Audio LP-UNF

The LP-UNF is an ultra-nearfield desktop studio monitor system designed to be used in small spaces where the ability to get loud is limited, either by room acoustics or the tolerance of neighbors. The LP-UNF presents full-range audio at reference levels with plenty of headroom at 0.8 meters, or about arm’s length.

The system is made up of a primary and secondary speaker, each with a 4.5-Inch high excursion woofer and 1-Inch dome tweeter. The LP-UNF features USB-C, TRS, RCA, and Bluetooth inputs for seamless integration into your deskscape.

The LP-UNF uses much of the same technology as Kali’s best-selling LP-6 and LP-8 V2 speakers. A 3-D imaging waveguide is employed to create a detailed, lifelike stereo image where all of the elements of the mix can be clearly perceived in space. The large front-firing port tube uses a unique. fluid dynamics derived shape that eliminates port noise and compression. This allows you to place the speakers against walls without worrying about adverse effects on the port’s performance.

The USB-C input lets users who aren’t recording use the LP-UNF without a separate interface. You’ll enjoy pristine sound with 24-bit/48kHz conversion. This makes the LP-UNF an excellent choice for traveling setups or as a floating pair of speakers in dynamic recording situations.

The LP-UNF is uniquely tuned for its role as a desktop speaker. The desk is accounted for as an acoustic element of the system, solving some of the problems that are typically presented with putting speakers on a desk. DIP switches are provided to account for the position of the system in a room, and for you to dial in bass and treble to your preferences.

The LP-UNF has boundary EQ settings for placing the speakers:
• On stands
• On a desk, away from walls,
• On a desk, against a wall,
• On a desk, on speaker stands, away from walls,
• On a desk, on speaker stands, against a wall
• On a recording desk with rack units, away from walls,
• On a recoding desk with rack units, against a wall.

The LP-UNF is part of Kali’s 2nd Wave product family, utilizing low noise-floor technology, upgraded drivers, and an advanced limiter circuit to maximize output and fidelity while keeping noise to a minimum.

Kali Audio LP-UNF Key Features:

  • The smallest and most compact Kali Audio studio monitor yet
  • 4.5-inch woofer delivers robust sound
  • 1-inch soft-dome tweeter offers ultra-clear sound
  • 3D waveguide offers the same detail and imaging as the popular LP-6 monitor
  • Boundary EQ tailors the speaker to almost any room
  • Touch-sensitive volume slider makes it easy to adjust the level of your monitors
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables music playback from a smart device
  • Low-noise bass port tube produces clean, powerful low end

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