• Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic Online price in India
  • Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic Online price in India
  • Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic Online price in India
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Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic

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Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic

SONIClear bearing edges

Mapex's unique bearing edge technology ensures better contact between drum head and shell. This increased head-to-shell contact improves shell vibration and allows for greater resonance, as well as easier tuning. With a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, this bearing edge profile allows you to enjoy the sonic nuances of the wood blend.

A high-quality kit needs the hardware to match

Inspired by the style of B lugs from the Saturn Evolution Series, the new Mini B Lugs make tuning smooth and easy. This provides added consistency and reliability, allowing you to play for longer without having to retune your drums. This kit also includes the TH652 double tom holder. This tom holder offers easy positioning, multi-angle adjustment, and a user-friendly experience to get your toms set up quickly and securely.

Mapex Hammered Brass Cymbals

This kit comes with Mapex’s own hammered brass cymbals. This pack includes a 14’’ hammered brass hi-hat pair, and an 18’’ hammered brass crash/ride cymbal. These cymbals produce a warm cymbal sound with rich harmonics, fitting perfectly with most genres of music. Brass cymbals are a great starting place for beginners, due to their versatile tone and exceptional durability.

P410 Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Mapex P410 Single Pedal is the ideal beginner kick pedal or the beginner looking to upgrade from their stock pedal. Featuring one of the most durable single-chain drives at this price-point, an accurate and smooth kick response is guaranteed. With adjustable spurs to keep you grounded, reversible beater (plastic and hard felt) giving you quick tonal options and all on a solid base plate, the P410 delivers a consistent performance and great durability at an affordable price. Ideal for younger players or beginners who are looking to make their first purchase, this pedal will perform for years to come.

H410 Hi-Hat Stand

The Mapex H410 Hi-Hat Stand is an ideal beginner hi-hat stand. With double-braced legs for maximum support and stability, a 3-tier design provides easy adjustments and placement of your hats for maximum playability. The direct pull-chain drive mechanism creates a smooth and responsive feel at all tension settings. This tension can be adjusted using the variable tension adjustment, allowing you to find your own tension and response settings for comfort and exploring a range of techniques.

This Mapex hi-hat stand features multi-sustain top cymbal felts with a heavy duty felt bottom cymbal seat to maintain the sustain of the cymbal sound. This hi-hat stand is also fitted with slip-proof rubber feet and retractable floor spikes, providing exceptional stability and durability on all playing surfaces.

Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic Kit configuration

  • Bass Drum: 20'' x 16''
  • Rack Tom 1: 10'' x 7''
  • Rack Tom 2: 12'' x 8''
  • Floor Tom: 14'' x 12''
  • Snare Drum: 14'' x 5''

Mapex Venus 5 piece Drum Kit Copper Metallic Specifications

  • Shell Material: Poplar
  • Shell Construction: 9-Ply, 7.2mm
  • Bearing Edges: SONIClear
  • Lugs: Mini B Lugs
  • Tom Holder: TH652 Double Tom Holder
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Finish: Copper Metallic
  • Product Code: VE5044FTC-VX 

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