• Martin OMC-15ME Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Dark Mahogany Satin
  • Martin OMC-15ME Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Dark Mahogany Satin

Martin OMC-15ME Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Dark Mahogany Satin

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The Martin OMC-15ME 6-string acoustic-electric guitar is a wonderful option for the performing guitarist who loves the warm, centered tones of mahogany. The guitar's solid mahogany construction elicits a sound that is warm and full, complementing the human voice beautifully. The onboard Fishman Matrix VT Enhance pickup system translates that woody warmth when plugged in and playing live. And the OMC-15ME's 000-14 body is compact and comfortable against your body for the whole gig. This Martin OMC-15ME offers rich, warm tones live or unplugged.

Martin OMC-15ME Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Mellow vintage-style tones
  • Proprietary electronics
  • Plays and feels great

Mellow vintage-style tones

As soon as you lay eyes on the OMC-15ME, you'll notice its pre-war look. The mahogany's golden-brown hues give away the guitar's warm yet detailed tonality. Mahogany offers a slightly darker and more mellow sound than spruce or cedar tops, making it a favorite among singer/songwriters looking to support their vocals with strong lower frequencies. And Martin's 000-14 body style further accentuates details and nuance in the mid frequencies, allowing your technique to shine through.

Proprietary electronics

Martin and Fishman have been working together for over 30 years in an effort to build the best acoustic-electric guitars on the market. And they recently teamed up again to create the Matrix VT Enhance pickup system that you'll find in the OMC-15ME. This system consists of Fishman's popular Matrix under-saddle pickup and a new Enhance element that can be blended into the signal separately via the soundhole-mounted controls. The Enhance function lets the natural sounds of the guitar come through, which is ideal for players using techniques such as body tapping.

Plays and feels great

It is not uncommon to find a 000 Martin in the arsenal of the performing acoustic guitarists at Sweetwater. Their compact body dimensions make them very comfortable to hold against your body. And your strumming hand won't have to reach over a huge body to find the strings. The OMC-15ME's neck is carved to the Modified Low Oval profile with Performing Artist taper that was designed specifically with live guitarists in mind.

Martin OMC-15ME Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Acoustic-electric guitar with the warm voice of mahogany
  • Fishman Matrix VT Enhance translates natural acoustic sound
  • Comfortable 000-14 body size
  • Solid mahogany construction is warm and articulate
  • Performing Artist neck taper feels natural in your hand

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