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  • Moog Mother 32
  • Moog Mother 32
  • Moog Mother 32

Moog Mother 32

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Moog joins the Eurorack revolution with the semi-modular Mother-32 monosynth. This distinctly vintage voiced, raw, powerful synthesizer boasts switchable lowpass and highpass Moog ladder filters (20Hz-20kHz), a voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer for self-contained programming, MIDI input for external control and MIDI to CV conversion, and a 32-point 3.5mm patch bay for interconnectivity-extended synthesis capabilities.

The Moog Mother-32 is the first tabletop semi-modular synthesizer from Moog. This expansive new live performance and production instrument is handcrafted in Asheville, NC and has been meticulously designed to provide musicians with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new music, unique sound and endless sonic exploration.

Standalone semi-modular synthesizer delivers fat and vibrant Moog sound
From the classic modular systems to the iconic Minimoog and into the next generation with synths such as the Werkstatt-01 and Sub 37, it’s hard to pin down exactly what the Moog sound has gone through. The semi-modular Mother-32 is both iconically Moog, yet it’s also delightfully modern, delivering massive organic analog tone that spans the range from fat and wooly to sharp and metallic. What’s more, you can route most of the Mother-32’s modulation sources via mini toggle switches, giving you access to incredible sound-design power, without ever touching a patch cable.

Get seriously creative with the voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer
Two sequence modes make it easy to lay down patterns with the Mother-32. KB mode allows you to play notes in directly from the keyboard panel; whereas, Step mode lets you program in notes manually. You can combine the two modes to play and edit patterns with incredible detail. Variable gate length and ties as well as glide and accent control allow you to achieve classic synth effects, and you can add multi-note ratchets to individual steps to create cool stutter effects. With 64 sequence locations to save your patterns, you can easily store a full set’s worth of sequences onboard the Mother-32. What’s more, the sequencer itself can be voltage controlled, making it easy to lock multiple Mother-32 sequencers together, and with multiple eight clock division options onboard, there are endless ways you can sync your sequences.

Eurorack modular format brings old-school synthesis to a new generation
When you think of a modular Moog synth, you probably imagine a wall of old-school modules. Eurorack modular synths pack that same power and versatility into grab-and-go rigs you can toss in the passenger seat of your car. And when you combine the epically fat sound of a Moog monosynth with Eurorack flexibility, you get something truly amazing. Want to build a bigger rig? Grab a 2-tier or 3-tier Rack Kit (available right here at Sweetwater), toss in a chassis or two, and load them up with other great Eurorack modules from Tiptop Audio, Pittsburgh Modular, Studio Electronics, and many others. Thanks to the 32-point patch bay onboard the Mother-32, you can easily connect other Eurorack modules to create a vastly complex and extremely powerful synthesizer.

Moog Mother 32 Specifications:

  • The first semi-modular tabletop and Eurorack synthesizer from Moog
  • Raw, fat analog sound meets modern sequencing and MIDI control
  • 13-button, 1-octave keyboard lets you perform and create/edit sequences
  • Create patterns via the voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations
  • Includes vintage-style Moog oscillator with pulse and sawtooth wave outputs
  • Quintessential Moog Ladder highpass and lowpass filter includes voltage-controlled resonance
  • Create electronic percussion sounds via the white noise generator
  • Audio input allows you to process external sound sources
  • Onboard 2-input voltage-controlled mixer lets you combine control voltage
  • 32-point modular patch bay includes 5 x 3.5mm patch cables
  • MIDI to CV converter and 5-pin MIDI input let you integrate the rest of your synth gear
  • Complete Eurorack synthesizer that can easily be installed in a Eurorack case

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