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PDP Player 5-piece Complete Junior Drum Set

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You'll be glad you chose the PDP Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set for your aspiring beginner to learn on. You get a complete drum kit, value-packed with all of the necessary drums, cymbals, and hardware - you even get a child-sized throne. Just add a pair of drumsticks, and the Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set is ready to rock! You get everything you need in an affordable package that's perfect for drummers just starting to play. And because it's made by PDP, you know you'll get years of great performance out of the Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set.
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Everything an aspiring drummer needs

Perfect for beginners and students, the Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set gives you everything you need to get started in one easy package. You get a snare drum, a bass drum, two rack toms, a floor tom, a crash cymbal, hi-hat cymbals, a child-sized throne, and all the necessary hardware. So even though it's incredibly affordable, the Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set won't impede a new drummer's progress.

Great drums at a great price from Pacific Drums & Percussion

Part of the world-famous DW Drums family, PDP has been bringing drummers great drums at amazing prices for years. If you're getting drums for a beginner or student, you'll want quality drums that don't break the bank. PDP gives you what everything need with the Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set, with great performance and reliability.

PDP Player 5-piece Junior Drum Set Features:

  • Complete five-piece drum kit with drums, cymbals, hardware, and child-sized throne
  • Tunable heads let you optimize your drum sound
  • Hi-hat pedal uses a durable chain
  • Child-sized throne
  • Perfect for children age 3-7

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