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  • Roland DJ-808 4-deck Serato DJ Pro Controller with Drum Machine and Vocal Transformer
  • Roland DJ-808 4-deck Serato DJ Pro Controller with Drum Machine and Vocal Transformer
  • Roland DJ-808 4-deck Serato DJ Pro Controller with Drum Machine and Vocal Transformer

Roland DJ-808 4-deck Serato DJ Pro Controller with Drum Machine and Vocal Transformer

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Calling the Roland DJ-808 a 4-channel DJ controller is a bit like calling an aircraft carrier a boat - it's not wrong, per se, but it doesn't come close to describing the thing. The DJ-808 is an instrument that just happens to be perfect for DJs/producers who are as interested in creating original electronic music live as they are mixing their favorite tracks. While it's true that the DJ-808 gives you unrivaled control over Serato DJ, it also includes powerful creative tools, such as an onboard TR-S drum machine, VT Voice Transformer, and twin AIRA Link ports - all of which integrate completely with Serato DJ. Top it off with intuitive one-to-one controls and stellar sound quality, and the DJ-808 is the rig you've been waiting for.

Experience depthless control over Serato DJ software

Even if you're an old hand at Serato DJ, Roland's DJ-808 will let you control this incredible software in a way you've never experienced before. On the most basic level, the DJ-808 offers near one-to-one control over four decks of Serato DJ playback, including hot cues, loops, effects, Flip, and more. DJs here at Sweetwater are particularly impressed with the expanded Key Sync and Loop sections, which provide you with dedicated controls for making quick and precise adjustments. And to top it off, everything from the smallest knob to the full-sized platters with integrated displays feels so good, only experienced DJs could have designed this amazing controller.

Enhance your show with integrated AIRA technology

Above the impressive Serato DJ controls, there's an additional section packed with cutting-edge AIRA tech for classic Roland sound. The star of the show is the DJ-808's integrated TR-S rhythm machine, which delivers simmering '909 hats, earth-shaking '808 booms, and timeless TR series snares and claps - all modeled to perfection via Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior. What's more, there's a full set of volume sliders and classic fine-tuning controls. You even get timeless TR-REC step sequencing, and as an added bonus, this sequencer not only locks to Serato DJ, but it can also fire off samples from the 8-slot Serato Sampler. That's not all - the DJ-808 also integrates a VT Voice Transformer engine with Auto Pitch, which re-pitches incoming vocals to the key of your Serato DJ tracks.

Expand your rig to match your digital DJing style

As any DJ you meet will tell you, every DJ is a little different, and we all come at live music production in a way that best suits our style. Roland clearly gets that too, since they built the DJ-808 with impressive expansion and I/O in mind. A set of two AIRA Link USB ports lets you plug in any compatible AIRA gear and integrate it directly into your DJ rig, allowing you to trigger arpeggios, lay down bass grooves, and sequence rhythmic elements all in sync with your Serato DJ set. If you're a bit more old-school, then you'll appreciate the DVS-ready audio interface onboard, which allows you to integrate time-code vinyl into your setup. Speaking of the DJ-808's audio interface, you're sure to appreciate the audiophile-quality sound you'll get from this amazing DJ controller.

Roland DJ-808 DJ Performance Controller Features:

  • Complete electronic-music instrument for performing DJs and live producers
  • Comprehensive controls let you command 4 decks of Serato DJ software (included)
  • Near 1-to-1 controls make navigating and performing with Serato DJ easy
  • Velocity-sensitive RGB pads provide hot cue, loop, sampler, and other functions
  • Large ultra-low-latency platters include position displays for precision scratching
  • Take control of 2 decks at once with the unique Dual Deck mode
  • Built-in Roland TR-S drum machine includes TR series kicks, snares, claps, and hats
  • Dedicated part volume controls and Trim, Fine, Attack, and Decay knobs available
  • TR-S sequencer syncs to Serato DQ and can also control the 8-slot Serato Sampler
  • Onboard VT Voice Transformer includes Pitch, Formant, Ducking, and EQ controls
  • Auto Pitch instantly matches your vocals to the key of your mix in Serato
  • Standalone 4-channel mixer includes 2 AIRA Link USB ports for easy expansion
  • Serato DVS-ready 24-bit/96kHz audio interface onboard (Serato DVS not included)


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