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Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer - Black

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Roland's VT-12 is a tuner made specifically for vocals. Here's the tool you need to improve your vocal pitch, rehearse vocal harmony parts, and polish your performances. Singing into a conventional instrument tuner results in wild fluctuations on the readout, but Roland's groundbreaking VT-12 lets you see how sharp or flat you are, with an easily readable display that shows semitone increments. This compact tuner/trainer can detect two vocals at once, so you can work on harmonies in real time. You can even pre-record parts and rehearse with them. Sing better, with the Roland V-12.

An innovative new take on vocal tuning and training

Roland's VT-12 tracks your pitch and displays it in half-step increments in real time. It features an illuminated pitch meter with quick and accurate response. The intuitive display includes an easy-to-see meter that brightens as you approach correct pitch, and darkens as you move further away. The VT-12 sports a handy guide tone (triggerable with a button press) that covers a range of 24 semitones, and helps you identify the correct pitch.

Comes with everything you need to improve your vocals

The Roland VT-12 comes complete with a metronome, selectable audio exercises, and a very handy warm-up button. You even get a comprehensive textbook of exercises from the renowned Berklee School of Music. You'll sing more effectively after learning proper warm-ups, breath control, and other essentials. An onboard microphone and a built-in speaker let you quickly review your pitch against a pre-recorded track or exercise.

Appraise your performance with user tracks

The Roland VT-12 features ten user tracks (each with ten minutes of recording time) that let you record songs from your MP3 player and store them in the VT-12 for later practice. You can use the VT-12's Review feature with user tracks to record your voice along with the music to appraise your performance.

It's a tuner, recorder, metronome - and vocal method!

The Roland VT-12 is integrates a tuner, a recorder, a metronome, as well as a complete vocal method. The VT-12 gives you all the elements necessary for vocal training in an user-friendly handheld form factor. It comes with the world-standard Concone Op. 9 vocal training exercises (50 lessons). These classical voice exercises have piano accompaniment and melody guide tracks, with the VT-12 simultaneously displaying your pitch alongside the pitch of the guide melody. Made specifically for singers, the VT-12 is an immensely useful vocal-training tool for students and teachers alike.

Roland VT-12 Vocal Tuner/trainer Features:

  • Compact practice and warm-up tool for vocalists
  • Illuminated pitch meter displays your pitch in half-step increments in real time
  • Easy-to-see meter brightens as you approach correct pitch
  • Appraise your performance with user tracks
  • Companion book: Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer
  • Onboard audio exercises with guide vocals and backing tracks
  • Metronome with tap tempo
  • Built-in tilt stand for desktop use
  • Runs on two AA-size batteries


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