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  • Schlagwerk CP540 Cajon Agile Base Natural

Schlagwerk CP540 Cajon Agile Base Natural

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Agilis means "easy to move" in Latin. In many languages the word "Agile" has developed from this as a synonym for dynamism, lightness and liveliness. A fitting name for Schlagwerk's new Cajon series. The technical core is a removable element to create an extremely fast and appealing snare sound.

The sensitive response of the base and dual models is created with the help of a snare carpet. A flexible damping system, combined with adjustable string tension, ensures a great agility in response on the Pro models.

With the "Super Agile" models, Schlagwerk offers a newly defined level of snare response. Thanks to the extraordinary combination of the Agile string and snare technique, the musician can expect an extremely sensitive, but at the same time controlled response in the snare range. The difficulties in Cajon construction is apparent from the fact, that the low-end is not sacrificed due to increased sensitivity. And here is precisely, where the Super Agile models score with their distinctive rich and defined bass sound.
The fully bonded process of the Gabon playing surface delivers a lot of attack and supports slap sounds to stand out. Furthermore, this leads to crisp high notes and a powerful bass along with clear but not too dry snare and bass separation. Once again, the Gabon complements the Birch body perfectly in frequency range.

  • Playing surface: Gabon (Aucoumea klaineana)
  • Resonance box: 8 layers of birch
  • Agile snare technique
  • Measurements: approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Premium components for best sound and best quality
  • Pleasant haptic

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