• Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal Online Price in India
  • Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal Online Price in India

Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal

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Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal
Strymon’s Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal represents a bold new step for one of the stompbox world’s most renowned brands, packing their industry-defining echo algorithms into a significantly smaller form factor with a drastically streamlined workflow. The Cloudburst boasts an exceptionally accessible knob-per-function layout, including a single Decay knob that unlocks a vast sweep of different echo options, from a slight room reflection to an all-out wash of ambient reverberation. Moreover, a cutting-edge Ensemble control integrates dynamic synthetic string-style harmonics into your signal, while the Mod control is a must-have for creating movement and texture in your signature soundscapes. Of course, this pedal’s slimmed-down box makes no compromises on Strymon’s studio-quality formula — the Cloudburst sports full MIDI functionality, USB-C, 300 presets, stereo I/O, and a host of other top-end features found on its larger siblings. Strymon never fails to impress; fittingly, the Cloudburst’s seamless blend of studio-grade sound, near-limitless sonic options, and traditional stompbox workflow prove the sky’s the limit for this single-algorithm reverb pedal.

Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Stereo Reverb Pedal Features:
  • Slimmed-down stompbox loaded with an uncompromising array of traditional and ambient reverb tones
  • Strymon’s most intuitive pedal yet, with full per-function controls and no secret settings
  • Decay knob offers an unprecedented sweep of reverb tones, from room reflection to spaced-out echo
  • Ensemble control introduces dynamic synthetic string-style harmonics, with 2 different settings to choose from
  • Built-in modulation section with depth and speed settings on a single knob
  • Mix knob with kill-dry for effects loops and analog dry path options
  • Formidable pre-delay section adds some space between your wet and dry signal, and can even function as a slapback-style echo
  • Tone control to shape your sound
  • Full MIDI and USB-C functionality for remote DAW and controller access
  • 300 MIDI presets to save your sonic creations
  • Connect an expression pedal or Strymon Mini Switch or Multi Switch Plus to Exp/MIDI jack to access 5 different modes: expression pedal, favorite, freeze, infinite, or MIDI
  • Switch between true and buffered bypass modes to easily integrate into any setup
  • Ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET preamp
  • Full stereo I/O to create a 3D wash of reverb tones
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum chassis with a pedalboard-friendly form factor


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