• Yamaha CLP735R Clavinova Digital Piano
  • Yamaha CLP735R Clavinova Digital Piano

Yamaha CLP735R Clavinova Digital Piano

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The new Yamaha CLP735 Clavinova digital piano replaces the popular CLP635 model and adds some important new features to enhance the musical experience for the player. Improved keyboard action, newly sampled sounds and a choice of early piano voices for recreating the authentic sound of composers such as Mozart and Chopin.

Is the CLP735 Right For You?
The Yamaha CLP735 is the entry model in Yamaha's premium Clavinova series of instruments. There is a big difference in sound reproduction and keyboard performance over the cheaper Yamaha Arius models. We would recommend this instrument for the serious beginner pianist, or for a more experienced player who needs a lower cost practice instrument.

Grand Touch S Keyboard

When selecting a new piano, the touch of the keyboard is one of the most important considerations. Newly developed for the new CLP700 series, and based on the feel of a small grand piano, is Yamaha's Grand Touch S keyboard. This keyboard offers different fulcrum (balance pin) positions for both the black and white notes which means that even pressure is required when playing all keys. The Grand Touch S keyboard offers greater expressive control from soft to loud than ever before.

Synthetic ivory is used on the white keys and synthetic ivory on the black notes, to give the true feel of an acoustic piano.

Newly Sampled Piano Voices
The sounds in the CLP735 have been re-recorded for a higher quality audio experience. Both the CFX and Bosendorfer voices are now binaural, which gives a 3D-like experience when using headphones with this instrument. In addition to many different variations of grand & upright pianos, the CLP735 offers two different fortepiano voices for playing early piano music.

Tone Control To Adjust To Different Room Environments
The tone control feature allows you to adjust bass & treble frequencies to suit the playing environment. If the piano is placed on a hard floor you may wish to roll off some of the high frequencies, or perhaps you want to add some extra bass for a really powerful sound - this can all be done using the CLP735's tone control.

Grand Expression Modelling
The many parts of an acoustic piano action, strings and soundboard combine and interact with each other to respond to every nuance of the performer's technique. This is the limitless expression which players feel when performing on an acoustic piano and Yamaha has used advanced technology known as Grand Expression Modeling to simulate the interaction of the various components which results in a greater level of expressiveness than ever before. Grand Expression Modelling is a new feature for the CLP700 series instruments.

Practice Using Headphones
The CLP735 has two headphone sockets which enable two people to practice the piano together without disturbing other members of the household. Bonners offers many package options which include headphones and also choices of piano stools, so check our individual product pages for more information.

Add Some Rhythm + Bass To Your Performance!
Yamaha has for many years now included a drum machine on their digital pianos, but the CLP735 now adds a bass track to this too. There is a large choice of musical styles from pop, rock, funk & dance, to Latin, jazz and blues. Each one of these musical styles has a bass line which will follow your piano performance (you'll need to play chord progressions to get the most out of this feature). Bassline can be switched on or off easily using the control interface.

Smart Pianist 2.0 Compatibility
Although the CLP735 does not have Bluetooth capabilities, it is possible to connect an iOS or Android device to the instrument using a USB cable (USB camera connection kit required for connection to Apple products). Once connected, the CLP735 can be controlled by Yamaha's Smart Pianist app which allows simple operation and access to all the features using the touchscreen of your smart device.

As well as basic voice selection, Smart Pianist allows you to adjust in-depth parameters such as grand piano lid setting, reverb ambience, and other parameters that affect the sound. Easily layer voices, or split two voices across the keyboard for even greater flexibility. Smart pianist also allows easy access to functions such as transpose, pedal settings, tuning and more.

All functions are also accessible using the instrument's own control panel - smart device connectivity is simply an optional way of controlling the CLP735.

Yamaha CLP735 Dimensions & Weight
Length 1461mm x Depth 459mm x Height 1081mm

Weight: 60kg

CLP735 Feature Summary

  • Grand Touch S keyboard
  • Re-sampled CFX & Bosendorfer piano voices
  • Binaural headphone output on CFX & Bosendorfer voices
  • Two fortepiano voices
  • EQ Tone Control
  • Onboard MIDI + Audio Recording* (Requires USB stock - not included)
  • Rhythm Section with bass track


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