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  • Alice String Cutter + Winder
  • Alice String Cutter + Winder
  • Alice String Cutter + Winder

Alice String Cutter + Winder

SKU: A1009A
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Price in points: 360
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The A1009A includes a string cutter and Multifunctional String Winder. Allows you to cut off any excess string length when restringing your guitar. The String Winder allows quickly wind the tuning pegs for easy removal and tuning of the strings. The String winder can also assist in the removal of bridge pins to ensure that no damage is dealt to the bridge. Ergonomically designed and small enough to be put into your guitar case.


  • 1 String Winder 
  • 1 String Cutter
Please Note: Colors may Vary as per availability 

Add Strings

One Spare set of string is a must for Guitarists because you never know when they might just break. Lets keep your practice going on.  Click on the Image to see Details. 

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