• Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation Online price in India
  • Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation Online price in India
  • Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation Online price in India
  • Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation Online price in India

Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation

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Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation
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Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation

The Korg Nautilus is a professional music workstation with a vast palette of sounds, integrated editing, detailed 7" TouchView display with gesture support, 16-track sequencer, 16-track audio recorder, and extensive sampling capabilities. The Nautilus includes Essential and Future sound sets for a total of 2200 programs and combinations. The instrument features nine distinct sound engines, with each engine dedicated to authentically reproducing its respective instrument type, including detailed pianos, vintage keyboard sounds, tone-wheel organs, ethnic instruments, plucked instruments, analog synthesizers, and more.

The sequencer can access any combination of sound engines and imported samples, and the 16-track audio recorder can be used for recording vocals, other instruments, and more. The sound architecture offers a two-part split along with a single drum track in a single program, which when combined with the 16-part combination mode, makes for a massive sound and sequencing power house. The Dynamic Polyphony Allocation and Smooth Sound Transition provides uninterrupted playing and sound switching.

The Nautilus's sampling engine allows you to record your own samples from external sources including sampling through effects or loading samples from the media mode. Once your samples are recorded or imported, edit start and stop points, set loop points, truncate, time-slice, and more. Create and edit multi-samples, which consist of one or more samples spread out across the keyboard and quickly convert them into programs. Create massive sounds using the generous internal RAM with up to 6 hours of sample time, and save your work into user sample banks and virtual memory.

The Nautilus is equipped with over 197 different effects types and can use up to 16 simultaneous effects and 32 simultaneous EQs for massive production power. You'll have plenty of hands-on control thanks to the streamlined TouchView interface and control panel with customizable mode buttons. The Nautilus delivers professional sound quality and capabilities in an affordable, streamlined performance synthesizer.

Nine Synthesis Engines
The Nautilus features nine completely different synthesis engines: 

  • Three types of keyboard sound generators: SGX-2 (acoustic piano), EP-1 (electric piano), CX-3 (tonewheel organ) 
  • Three types of virtual analog synthesizer sound generators: AL-1, MS-20EX, PolysixEX
  • PCM synthesizer sound generator with advanced functionality: HD-1
  • Physical modeling synthesizer for string hammering/plucking sounds: STR-1
  • VPM/FM synthesizer sound generator with advanced functionality: MOD-7

Each synthesis engine has enough functionality to operate as a standalone synthesizer

Optimized for Live Performance
Set Lists provide easy on-screen selection of Programs, Combinations, and Songs from a single screen. Smooth Sound Transitions (SST) provide overlapping effects and voices when you change sounds, with no special mode necessary
The Nautilus comes with 197 types of professional-grade effects that offer a stunning range of freedom, including chorus, delay, reverb, amp models, vocoders, and more
To support your playing and songwriting, there's an arpeggiator that can automatically generate rhythmical or broken chords (arpeggios), a drum track for quickly playing drum patterns in a variety of styles, and a step sequencer that lets you intuitively create and play back original drum patterns
Audio signals coming through the analog inputs can be sampled in stereo. You can also add the built-in effects when sampling, or even resample the programs or combinations. The Nautilus can also import sound files in various formats
Audio and MIDI Sequencer
The sequencer provides 16 MIDI tracks and 16 audio tracks (24-bit, 48 kHz) for composing and producing your own music. You can import and export SMF and WAVE files when working with other platforms
USB Functionality
The Nautilus can connect to your computer with a single cable, as it features a USB Type-B port that supports USB 2.0 for transmitting and receiving MIDI and audio data. The Nautilus features a USB Type-A port for easy connection to an external storage device
Korg Nautilus 73 Music Workstation Key Features
  • 73-Key, Natural Touch Semi-Weighted
  • 9 Sound Engines + Updated SGX2 & HD1
  • TouchView Interface and Control Panel
  • Sampling and HD Audio Recording
  • Dynamic Polyphony Allocation
  • 16 Simultaneous FX + 32 EQs
  • 2200 Programs and Combinations
  • 16 MIDI +16 Audio-Track Sequencer (SSD)
  • Customizable Set List Mode
  • Color TouchView Display with Touch-Drag

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