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  • Moog Subsequent 37
  • Moog Subsequent 37

Moog Subsequent 37

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The Subsequent 37® is a (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer that builds upon the award-winning design of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition. Its control panel is home to 40 knobs and 74 switches, placing a vast array of analog sound-design tools and onboard sequencing options immediately at your command.
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The Moog Subsequent 37 Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer builds upon the success of the original Sub 37 Tribute Edition synthesizer with several enhancements and is well suited for synthesizer enthusiasts, professional musicians, and sound designers. Upgrades include an updated sound engine for better sonic dimension—and more than twice the headroom of the original mixer—an updated keybed for a lightweight touch and swift action, velocity, aftertouch, and a higher-powered headphone amplifier. The filter's multidrive circuit has also been expanded for a wider range of dirtier tones.

The original sound engine and design is based on the Sub 37 Tribute Edition, which boasts a paraphonic synth voice and features the ability to play two notes at a time. It puts a full palette of sound-creation tools at your fingertips with its 40 knobs, 74 switches, and dedicated LCD display. The synth engine includes two oscillators and a sub oscillator for sound generation, and two LFOs for modulation. It also has an arpeggiator, step sequencer, glide, classic Moog ladder filter, and two ADSR envelope generators for sound-shaping. There are 256 presets available for saving patches.

What's New

  • Sound Engine Evolution: Redesigned for greater sonic dimension
  • Increased Multidrive Range: Provides a wider pallet of distorted tones
  • Increased Mixer Headroom: Re-voiced mixer with more than twice the headroom of the original, ensuring richer and more powerful clean tones from the oscillators
  • Upgraded Keybed: Better action and playability with enhanced velocity sensitivity
  • High-Powered Headphone Output: Redesigned with better headroom and higher output volume

Moog Subsequent 37 Features

  • Perform in Mono or Duo modes
  • 37-note, velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch
  • Two modulation busses with assignable source and destinations
  • DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) looping envelopes with sync
  • 256 presets -16 banks of 16 patches
  • Syncable arpeggiator and step sequencer
  • Classic Moog Ladder Filter with resonance, multidrive, and selectable filter slopes
  • Duo Mode: Allows oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 to be played independently
  • Arpeggiator/Step Sequencer: User-programmable
  • A fully featured mixer section contains dedicated controls and mutes for each sound source, as well as a level control for external audio input and feedback, which feeds the output of the filter directly back to the input of the mixer
  • Also included are the powerful DAHDSR envelopes from the Sub Phatty with panel control of each extended function

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