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Best Strings for your Guitar?!

Posted on September 25th, 2020 07:44 AM
choose good quality guitar strings available best in india

A Question that is often asked by beginners and intermediates - Which String is Best for my Guitar.

This Question to be honest, does not have a singular answer. 

We decided to test all the strings on a Single Guitar and narrow down to Best Stings in a Budget. 


1. Havana: Havana Guitar strings are the cheapest 80/20 Bronze strings sound great on Guitars and is Made in Korea. Priced very competitive and offers the tone of much higher Quality Strings. Available in Gauges 0.10 and 0.11.

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2. Alice: Alice Stings are very popular in the market and so we thought to include it here. Alice Strings come in a standard 11 Gauge and has a decent tone. However we found Havana Superior in Tone and durability. Watch out of many fakes selling on marketplaces. 

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1. Martin MA175 - Made in Mexico, Martin Stings are 80/20 Bronze Strings and Sounds great on almost all Guitars. It is Tin-coated and is corrosion resistant. Great Strings for Practice and performance. Lasts longer than in tone than a lot of other Brands. Suggested gauge is 0.11

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2. D'addario EZ Series: D'addario is the most preferred brand in the world when it comes to Strings. Made in USA, These strings sound great on almost any guitar and also has a long life. Watch out for fakes selling on online marketplaces. Suggested models are EZ900 and EZ910

3. Ernie Ball Earthwood: Ernie Ball is Made in USA and is a great sounding string. With Pleasant Overtones and Crispy Ringing sound, these strings are preferred by players who like a bright guitar sound. However they do not last long in High Moisture environment.  Available in different Gauges.


1. Ernie Ball Aluminium Bronze Stings: The sound projection of these strings were indeed surprising and so was the Lows. The unique aluminium and copper blend brings out a bright sound that is very pronounced. These Strings got a longer life because of the involvement of aluminium. 

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2. D'addario EJ Series: One of the preferred Strings for Recording because of the brightness and the bold tone and presence. Made in USA, These strings have great durability in tone and life. Available in different Gauges - EJ26 and EJ13

3. Kepma E series: Kepma has launched new strings in 2020 and it does sound great on most guitars. Has superior anti-rust Coating and the durability is quite good as well. The only downside is that it is only available in 12 gauge and will only be suitable for well built guitars. Do not install these strings on Guitars below a price range of 9000

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4. Fender 880CL: Fender Strings are Made in USA and they sound great across most Guitars. The tone is Bright and balanced and has a decent level Durability. However the String might Discolor quickly depending on the climate conditions in your region. Suggested Gauge is 0.11

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Elixir: There is only one suggestion in this budget from us, and Elixir strings takes the Crown. We haven't come across a better string in terms of tone and durability. Made in the USA, these strings can be called the best in the world. Though its placed in a higher price bracket, the durability and sound can justify it. Available in Multiple Gauges.

These recommendations are based on our experience with an intermediate level Guitar. The String set will sound different across Different tonal woods and also depending on how Dry or Moist the climate around you is.  From this list you might find a best string for practice and another one best for Recording. The Best way to find out is to experiment with these Models and decide what's sounding best on your particular Guitar. However when you do experiment, do stick to one particular Gauge (0.11 for example) 

If you want to learn to change strings on your own, we got you covered. Click HERE to see the video


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