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Home Studio equipment that are PRO!

Posted on November 17th, 2020 06:31 PM
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The Home Studio Generation is here! Which means every musician now wants to produce their tracks at home in their comfort at affordable studio equipment. But the usual worry is about Quality. Does affordable home studio gear means substandard quality. The answer is NO! 

While the topic affordable can be varying as per person to person, we have tried to cover this topic with a decent budget into consideration, while keeping the quality in mind. However, realistic expectations has to be set. You cannot have award winning albums produced from bedroom studios, simply because 2 things - 1. the sound that analog high end gear produces and 2.  the magic an experienced sound engineer puts into mixing and mastering the songs. 

What we would like to cover is the most underrated yet best studio equipment available in India that you should consider while building your home studio. We are considering you have already invested into a good computer/laptop to run recordings and plugins which are quite ram hungry. These are suggested list of Audio interfaces, that we are not listing the whole features here. That's because we believe you should do an in-depth research before you buy, so that you buy what is best for you. 

Equipment 1: Audio Interface

1. SSL2 - Solid state logic makes probably the best audio interface under RS.30000 providing their legacy 4k audio from their SSL4000 series Console. The built quality is very robust and the interface has very analog feel to it. However what sets the interface apart is the high quality pre amps that it offers. All the inputs and outputs are at the back that includes 2 XLR+TRS combo inputs, TRS L+R Outputs and a High Current Headphone output. All the connections being at the back helps in a clutter free desk as well! 

Check pricing and specs of SSL2: SSL2 Audio Interface

2. Motu M2: Motu M2 Ranks second in our list and is the surely the best audio interface under Rs. 20000 available in India. High quality pre amps and robust build makes this interface amazing from startup studios to mid range ones. The LCD screen is an amazing thing to monitor all the levels and is really a great tool if you are recording frequently. And if you want more number of inputs, that is available in higher models. Comes Highly recommended by us!

Check pricing and specs of Motu M2: Motu M2 Audio Interface

3. Audient ID series: Audient is known name in the pro-audio industry since it manufactures high end consoles for studios. So the good news is - Audient has adapted the same quality of pre amps into their ID series of audio interfaces. Audient has really good quality pre amps and they are build like a tank (yes they last). We also love the ScrollControl that can be used as a hardware to scroll and adjust your volume too! Nice touch, Audient! If more portability and compact is your choice then you have to (have to) check out the Evo4 and Evo8 by Audient. Supports direct iPad recording !

Check Pricing and specs of Audient: Audient interfaces

4. Presonus 24c:  Usually when looking into a small recording setup in India, the first brand that is preferred is Focusrite. However we have found Presonus 24c far superior in every aspect from Focusrite solo or 2i2. Presonus is priced similar to Focusrite, but has additional Free softwares, Display to show the input signals and much much better pre amps. A must check product before you lean into anything else. If you are looking for more number of inputs that is available too! 

Check pricing and specs of presonus 24c:Presonus 24c

Equipment 2: Mic - Considering you are investing in a single large diaphragm microphone

1. SE electronics: If you are wondering why AKG and Rode wasn't placed first, its because this blog is about discovering under rated but yet amazing gear. The SE2200 is quite the amaze gear (class A) when it comes to specs and quality. A usual thing that you need is high headroom and low noise while recording and this mic delivers exactly that. If you are at a lower budget then do consider the X1s or X1A

Check pricing and specs of SE electronic mics: SE Mics

2. Lewitt - The brand Lewitt is fairly a new entry into the market in India. However the specs and quality it offers aren't often matched by any other brands currently available. The entry level model is Lewitt LCT240 pro which is a bright sounding mic and well built for the price. We will prefer this over the SE X1A for build quality and sound. Lewitt has other amazing inventions like LCT940, LCT840 and our most favorite the LCT 441 flex. 

Check pricing and specs of Lewitt mics: Lewitt Mics

3. Warm Audio: Warm audio has done what most brands could not. Bring top notch quality at an affordable price. Warm audio has really impressed us with their pre amps and their mics are quite legendary when compared with other bigger names in the market. Maybe some poor level marketing but that's all about it. We have hardly any cons to say about the brand or their gear. 

Check our pricing and specs of Warm Audio mics:  Warm Audio Mics

Equipment 3: Studio Monitors

1. Kali Audio: So what did a bunch of JBL ex employees create - KALI audio. Originally meant to be as CALI audio(California), because of existing trademark, they chose the Indian goddess of Death -KALI. Pretty badass no? Kali audio has done good R&D based on technological progressions and customer feedbacks and come up with the LP series. This is one set of monitors you should definitely  check out if you are considering the Yamaha HS5 or HS8

Check pricing and specs of Kali Audio: Kali Studio Monitors

2. Presonus: Presonus is back here in the list with their ERIS series of monitors. We recommend the Eris 4.5 for a small size studio if your budget or space is not enough for an 8 inch. Eris 4.5 offers a good well built sound for the price. Eris 3.5 is only suggested for multimedia playback and gaming(no serious production work)

Check pricing and specs of Presonus monitors: Presonus Monitors

Equipment 4: Headphones - For Recording purposes

1. Samson: Samson has been known for making budget friendly gear for the musicians. Though its not a preferred brand among professionals, if you are looking for a basic headphone to use while recording ou should definitely check out the Samson SR950. Well built and offers good noise cancellation. Also not annoying on the ears.

Check pricing and specs of Samson SR950: Samson SR950

2. Shure: Although this hardly needs any introduction, Shure has been one of the industry leader for Mics. Their headphone range is not very vast but the SR240A and SRH440 and great addition to your studio. Most of all Shure is built to last!

Check pricing and specs of Shure Headphones: Shure Headphones

A lot more gear goes into the studio like mic stands, cables, snake cables and more. You can consult us with specific requirements and suggestion as per your studio. We are available on call and WhatsApp on 8879948999



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